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Title: Allen Riddell, Enumerating the Great Unread: Estimating the Yearly Rate of Novel Publication in the British Isles, 1789-1914
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Start Time: Thursday March 02, 2017 04:00 PM
End Time: Thursday March 02, 2017 05:00 PM
Location: Wells Room 030
Url: http://ils-colloq.soic.indiana.edu/allen-riddell/
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Description: Abstract: It is widely acknowledged that literary historians and historians of publishing do not know how many novels were published during the 19th century in the British Isles. Exhaustive bibliographies do not extend past 1836. Estimates of the number of new titles published during the remaining years of the long 19th century have considerable practical value. The estimates are useful for the continuing work of bibliographers and for assessing the degree of representativeness of convenience samples of literary works from library digitization projects. With tight estimates of the number of new titles published each year, literacy historians interested in looking outside the “canonical fraction” of the ca. 25,000 novels published during the 19th century will be able to estimate a variety of quantities of interest, such as, for each year, the percentage of novels written by women and the percentage of novels reviewed each year in “high-culture” literacy reviews. In this presentation, I show how the yearly rate of new novel publication can be successfully modeled by combining a heterogeneous collection of related time series
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