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Diabetes Peer Education Table

The Health Sciences Club would like the opportunity to hold an educational diabetes table on November 14th, 2018. With this table we will educate fellow classmates and also school staff and faculty about diabetes. We will cover everything from what we can do to prevent ourselves from becoming diabetic and the daily life choices we make that result in the condition. In addition, we will provide insight on the effects of diabetes on the body and how it changes our daily lives. In order to accomplish these educational tasks, we are in need of a table near to the cafeteria on this day. We would love the opportunity to provide this information to anyone and everyone that may be interested or concerned about the condition. Hosted By: Health Sciences Club Additional Information can be found at:
Wednesday November 14, 2018 12:00 PM
Wednesday November 14, 2018 04:00 PM
KC Commons - Outside Bookstore
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