• Butts and Guts
    December 12 6:30pm
    If you want to tone your legs and core, this the class for you. These 45-minute workouts are designed to work up a sweat and tone your body! Each class will have a different and unique workout using a variety of weights and body movements. Sign up at IMLeagues. more »
  • Run Ride Row
    December 13 5:30pm
    Why schedule multiple gym sessions when you can do it all with Ride Row Run? Ramp your metabolism and work your entire body in just one 30-minute interval cardio routine. You'll use bikes, rowing machines, and self-propelled treadmills in a quick, effective workout you won't regret. Sign up at IMLeagues. more »
  • Mindfulness Meditation
    December 14 11:00am
    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Looking for an opportunity to practice self-care? Join us for guided mindfulness meditation. You don't have to be a CAPS client and no registration is needed. Student ID is required. more »
  • IUPUI Faculty Council Meeting
    January 08 3:00pm
    The IUPUI Faculty Council (IFC) is a governance body of elected faculty members from each IUPUI school with the responsibility of exercising faculty authority for the IUPUI campus. The purpose is to provide governance to the IUPUI faculty as afforded by the Indiana University Board of Trustees and the Constitution of the Indiana University more »
Tuesday, March 13, 2018