• Faculty seminar on Prof. Stalnaker's book manuscript "Mastery, Dependance, and the Ethics of Authority"
    April 20 1:00pm
    This book argues that early Confucian thinkers connect authority, dependence, and autonomy in ways that have the potential to transform contemporary debates. They argue that humans do not automatically possess moral and personal autonomy, but must develop and exercise these achievements with others’ help. They more »
  • Community Investment and Engagement - A Conversation with Major League Soccer
    April 26 7:00pm
    Conversation with Dimitrios Efstathiou, Senior Vice President, Player Relations & Competition Dimitrios Efstathiou is Senior Vice President at Major League Soccer, where he oversees player acquisition and club roster management, ensuring compliance with League rules and regulations.  He also assists in the management of MLS relation more »
Friday, January 12, 2018