• English Week: Writing about Family and Other Adventures in Memoir Writing
    March 27 11:00am
    Robert Rebein, Matt Daugherty, and JJ Gramlich Writers of memoir often draw their inspiration—and their characters—from the people who populate the inner-most world of childhood: parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. These are the people we know best, often the people whose actions, good and bad, have impacted us the more »
  • English Week: Research at the Writing Center: Conversations with Writing Consultant Alumni
    March 27 12:00pm
    Marilee Brooks-Gillies and Patrick Stutz Last summer, we began a Peer Writing Tutor/Consultant Alumni Research Project(PWTCARP) site at IUPUI’s University Writing Center (UWC). Our IRB-approved research is based on work spearheaded by writing center scholars Hughes, Gillespie, and Kail and looks exclusively at the experience more »
  • English Week: How Charles Dickens Created Cinema (And Vice Versa)
    March 27 1:30pm
    Dennis Bingham and Carrie Sickmann Han Dickens is, after Shakespeare and the Scripture writers, the author whose works have been most often adapted to the movies. There is probably no better entry to the world of Dickens on film than A Christmas Carol, a story everyone knows, perhaps even without having read the 1843 novella. Though it may b more »
  • English Week: Building Community Partnerships Through Writing in W231
    March 28 11:00am
    Mary Ann Cohen, Dustin Branum, Sarah Grace Fraser, Taylor Gibbs, and Garad Huckleberry W231 introduces students to expanded research and writing skills and emphasizes the role of professional writing. As their main project, W231 students collaborate and solve a problem faced by a local business or organization. The teams conduct research to id more »
  • English Week: Does Reading Young Adult Lit Build Better Citizens?
    March 29 11:00am
    Megan Musgrave, Courtney Duff, and Michael Beck Together with two students, Dr. Musgrave will investigate the ways that reading young adult literature with a smartphone in hand can actually make us better thinkers and more active, engaged citizens. We will engage in a debate about Elizabeth Stewart’s Blue Gold, a book that prom more »
Tuesday, March 21, 2017