• Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
    March 24 1:30pm
    Through scenarios and shared examples, this workshop will help you gain a better understanding of conflict in the workplace, and the proper way to resolve conflict. This workshop will outline the differences between personal and professional conflict and help you identify your personal style of resolution. Objectives Define conflict reso more »
  • IUPUI Career Fair - Open to all majors!
    April 05 1:00pm
    You will be able to discuss career opportunities with organizations seeking qualified students and alumni to meet their hiring needs. Students and alumni from *ALL* backgrounds and academic disciplines are encouraged to attend.  Admission is free, but professional dress is required. No registration required. For details, please visit career more »
  • Campus Employment Essentials
    April 21 10:30am
    Sponsored by the IUPUI Office of Student Employment, this orientation opportunity is a chance for student employees to gain an overview of what it means to be employed as a student.  It will provide a glimpse and short introduction into the world of working in professional environments. Students will learn about: Creating a work-lif more »
Monday, March 20, 2017