• Butts and Guts
    December 12 6:30pm
    If you want to tone your legs and core, this the class for you. These 45-minute workouts are designed to work up a sweat and tone your body! Each class will have a different and unique workout using a variety of weights and body movements. Sign up at IMLeagues. more »
  • Run Ride Row
    December 13 5:30pm
    Why schedule multiple gym sessions when you can do it all with Ride Row Run? Ramp your metabolism and work your entire body in just one 30-minute interval cardio routine. You'll use bikes, rowing machines, and self-propelled treadmills in a quick, effective workout you won't regret. Sign up at IMLeagues. more »
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Support Meeting
    December 17 1:30pm
    Weekly peer support and discussion-based meetings for students in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse/addiction. We respect anonymity. Join us for these non-clinical student-led meetings to continue your path to recovery. more »
Tuesday, March 13, 2018