• WOW: All Housing Resident Meeting
    August 20 4:30pm
    Get prepared for a great 2017 housing experience and get to know your new community. more »
  • WOW: Team IUPUI Tables
    August 21 12:00am
    Team IUPUI Tables will be located across campus to answer all your questions and provide free jagswag! more »
  • WOW: Transfer T-Shirt Swap
    August 21 8:30am
    Transfer students, bring us a t-shirt from your previous institution and swap it out for a brand new IUPUI shirt! more »
  • WOW: University Library Open House
    August 22 10:00am
    Come visit the largest library on campus and learn about resources and services that will support your academic success. During this event, you can also tour the library, play trivia games, win prizes, get free snacks, and more.  more »
  • WOW: Sophomore Welcome Back
    August 22 6:00pm
    Join us to learn more abot the resources available to sophmores while snacking on free food. more »
Saturday, August 12, 2017