• Publishing in Digital Humanities: A Case Study sponsored by IU Affiliates
    January 26 12:00pm
    Kelly Hayes will be showing a powerpoint that introduces her research, shows some of the audio, video and photos she has amassed, and addresses some of the challenges it poses and the questions she has. more »
  • LHSI January Workshop
    January 27 9:00am
    Event to teach students about poster session at the end of the spring and to prepare them for that poster session. more »
  • CLd - Business Orientation Project
    January 27 9:00am
    For 11 weeks, local business leaders and educators, partnering with Kelley School of Business, take you where you need to go to realize your business career goals.  You will learn what happens in the business world and how to make sense out of business plans, hiring employees, communicating with bankers and lawyers, global competition, a more »
  • IU HCOP Saturday Senior Academy
    January 27 10:00am
    The Saturday Senior Academy participants will receive information about health careers that will halp them make future career choices.  They will participate in on-site and off-site visits.  IU HCOP mentors will be present at all times.  more »
  • STEM Teacher Recruitment Workshop
    January 27 10:00am
    The STEM Teacher Recruitment Conference is aimed at encouraging students and families to consider STEM teaching as a possible career option.  Attendees will learn (a) how you can have your tuition paid when attending IUPUI; (b) truths about life as a teacher (how much do teachers really make, where do teachers live, how much work do teacher more »
Sunday, January 14, 2018