• CLD-Self Discovery/Career Exploration Graduation
    December 13 5:00pm
    Graduation for tose who attended the CLD-Self Discovery programs on August 29th and September 5th. more »
  • Math Colloquium
    December 14 3:30pm
    Department of Mathematical Sciences event where faculty/staff/students get together to have some fun with math. more »
  • Sigma Beta Mentor Study TAbles
    December 14 6:00pm
    Sigma Beta Mentors will host study tables for Sigma Beta members. more »
  • FC Pride Soccer Games
    December 16 7:00am
    FC Pride Soccer Club Games more »
  • Kelley School of Business New Student Orientation
    January 03 2:00pm
    New Student Orientation for the Kelley School of Business and Graduate Accounting Programs more »
Tuesday, March 13, 2018