• Building Managers Seminar
    September 22 8:00am
    The Building Managers Seminar bring together both professionals and students working within facilities management to develop skills and learn from one another.   Professionals will have the opportunity to share best practices for building manager training and gain additional skills around student supervision and engagement.  St more »
  • Indiana Academy of Science Talent Search
    September 22 1:30pm
    The Indiana Academy of Science, in collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences and IUPUI School of Sciences, are wanting to recognize the top 10 students in the state who have done independent research supported by their local science teachers.    These students will interview with a panel of professors and present po more »
  • IUPUI Men's Soccer Community Service Orientation
    September 22 3:30pm
    IUPUI Men's Soccer, in partnership with IPS and Real Men Read program, will meet to provide our student athletes with orientation and training for their service project. more »
  • Indianapolis Chinese Festival
    September 23 12:00pm
    This Festival celebrates and shares the excitement of the Chinese culture and heritage with residents of Indiana.  Various performances, crafts, and cultural booths as well as delicious food will be available on site. more »
  • Career Connection STEM Career Fair
    September 27 8:00am
    Career Fair for those in STEM programs. more »
Monday, July 17, 2017