• Sustainability Showcase
    October 24 10:00am
    This "Dumpster Dive" will be conducted as part of the Sustainability Showcase.  Trash bags will be opened, recyclables will be sorted out, and we will quantify the amount of trash people could have recycled. more »
  • Marine Corps Leadership Series
    October 25 7:00am
    Leadership Training put on by the US Marine Corps.  This is by invitation only. more »
  • Frederick Douglass at 200 Symposium
    October 25 8:30am
    Celebrating Frederick Douglass at 200 more »
  • Liberal Art Talks
    October 25 4:00pm
    Liberal Arts professors who have been on sabbatical are giving talks on the research they did during that time. Peter Rangazas "Are Public Universities Corrupt" more »
  • Workforce Ready Workshop
    October 26 9:00am
    This will be an opportunity for CIT and CGT students to gather information, get interview and career nformation and network with others. more »
Saturday, January 13, 2018