• Oakland Live Yers Winter Invite
    November 30 7:00am
    Swim meet hosted by Oakland Live Yers Seim Team. more »
  • Emergency Vehicle Training
    December 01 6:00am
    IUPD police training for slow speed/regular patrol driving skills.  No high speed driving will be taking place. more »
  • World AIDS Day Blood Drive
    December 01 10:00am
    The World AIDS Day Blood Drive is hosted the the LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Council in partnership with the Red Cross.  This event aims to raise awareness about the policies that prevent men who have sex with men in the past year from donating blood.  This event also aims to illuminate the history around the AIDS Crisis and the culture o more »
  • CDCA Dental Board Exams
    December 09 6:00am
    CDCA Dental Board Exams more »
  • Braine Bee at IUPUI
    December 09 8:30am
    The Brain Bee is a spelling bee style event where students answer questions about the brain and neuroscience.  IUPUI hosts the state level event, where the winner will go on to represent Indiana at the national competition in Washington D.C.  This event is geared toward students whoa re interested in studying neuroscience, and have the more »
Monday, July 17, 2017