• WinIT Summer Camp
    July 22 2:00pm
    1 week residential summer camp for high school girls to interest them in Information Technology. more »
  • Chinese Culture Summer Camp
    July 23 7:30am
    To better prepare children to learn about China, the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis offers a Chinese Culture summer day camp for K-8 students (at least 5 years old).  Students will have a full curriculum of Chinese, Calligraphy, Crafts & Sports, Singing& Dancing as well as Reading & Math. more »
  • Inventing the Next-Feneration Smart Classroom Summit
    July 27 9:00am
    This is an all day meeting of the IU VPIT and COI Learning Technologies staff along with internal and external stakeholders and contributors.  They will visit learning spaces and classrooms on the IUPUI campus. more »
  • Square Mile Soccer Academy Collegiate Training Camp
    July 27 10:00am
    Residential Camp for soccer players training for the collegiate level. more »
  • Sigma Beta Mentor Study Tables
    July 27 6:00pm
    Sigma Beta Mentors will host study tables for Sigma Beta members. more »
Sunday, August 13, 2017