• 2018 Young Innovators Quest
    June 23 7:00am
    The Young Innovators Quest (YIQ) summer program provides opportunities for high school students interested in STEM and medicine to conduct research and explore ways to enhance their creativity in a motivating, hands-on environment.  The central theme of this program is innovation and discovery.  Over 150 hours are dedicated to STEM wor more »
  • CLD - College Prep
    June 23 5:00pm
    CLD - College Prep is a program designed to provide you and your parent/guardian with a comprehensive understanding of college admission and graudation requirements.  Through a hands on approach, you will learn how to choose the right college or university, how to gain admission, how to succeed in college and how to graduate from college. more »
  • CLD Success Prep
    June 23 5:00pm
    Success Prep is a high school readiness program intended to give entering freshmen the opportunity to have a "fresh start."  Over the course of four consecutive weeks, students and parents/guardians gain very beneficial information regarding the academic, behavioral and social expectations of a successful high school student. more »
  • Accounting Career Awareness Program
    June 24 5:00pm
    Accounting Career Awareness Program is a summer program for minority high school students who are interested in Accounting as a profession.  During the program, students go through a series of workshops as well as a case cometition to get them thinking with a business problem-solving midset and to ignite the professionally competitive sides more »
  • Remax Hot Air Balloon
    June 24 6:00pm
    This is in conjunction with the Free, Family Festival in Military Park.  Remax will bring their hot air balloon and give some festival attendees a chance to win a ride in the balloon (teathered).  This part of the event will be a private affair for the winners only. more »
Thursday, October 12, 2017