• Chinese School
    September 23 1:00pm
    Teaching Chinese language and culture to children. more »
  • Blood Drive
    September 24 9:30am
    The Indiana Blood Center will be bringing the Bloodmobile to campus to promote the opportunity for students/staff/faculty t donate blood. more »
  • Breast Cancer Science Social
    September 25 2:30pm
    This event is to update breast cancer donors about research, offer them lab demonstrations and celebrate the new Vera Bradley Foundation Center. more »
  • 12th Annual SPEA Public Safety Career Day
    September 26 11:00am
    The 12th Annual SPEA Public Safety Career Day will draw more than 6,000 attendees.  Public Safety agencies bring a variety of equipment to the event to include helicopters, robots, and mobil crime labs along with command and control vehicles.  The event allows students, staff, faculty and visitors to speak with public officials and lea more »
  • CLD Success Prep
    September 26 5:00pm
    Success Prep is a high school readiness program intended to give entering freshmen the opportunity to have a "fresh start".  Over the course of four consecurive weeks, students and parents/guardians gain very beneficial information regarding the academic, behavioral and social expectations of a successful high school student. more »
Friday, October 13, 2017