• 2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit
    March 24 12:00am
    The 2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit will highlight all of the work each IU campus is doing to address food insecurity on campus and in our surrounding communities through academic, research, and service missions. Faculty, staff, students, and the public are invited to share in real-time relevant discussions about food insecurity, sustainabilit more »
  • Case Competition
    March 24 8:00am
    Kelley School of Business will be hosting a Case Competition.  For a Case Competition, participants strive to develop the best solution to a business or education-related case study within an allocared time frame, typically with teams of two or more individuals pitted against each other in a head-to-head or broader relative ranking.  T more »
  • 2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit
    March 24 8:00am
    IUPUI is the host site for the 2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit that is an initiative of the Campus Kitchens Project (CKP), Inc. headquartered in Washington, DC.  The IUPUI Office of Sustaiability has an existing affiliate relationship with The Campus Kitchens Project thru our own Campus Kitchen at IUPUI, our campus food-rescue hunger reli more »
  • IU HCOP Saturday Senior Academy
    March 24 10:00am
    The Saturday Senior Academy participants will receive information about health careers that will halp them make future career choices.  They will participate in on-site and off-site visits.  IU HCOP mentors will be present at all times.  more »
  • CLD - Project Mr.
    March 27 5:00pm
    CLD Project Mr. is a program to help young men discover how they can be a responsible male in our society.  It is designed for 7th - 10th grade young ment that will discover the values, skills, lifestyle choices and work ethic needed to achieve their goals.  They will learn how to make a difference in their life, family, neighborhood a more »
Tuesday, November 14, 2017