• 2018 FFA National Days of Service Site Host
    October 22 1:00pm
    FFA students will primarily be focused on the on-campus gardens, bee hives, and on-campus hunger relief initiatives such as Campus Kitchen and PAWS Pantry.  This will give them an awareness of student-led opportunities and the importance of hunger initiatives on campus and othr local community food pantries.  They will tour PAWS Pantry more »
  • Test Prep Fair
    October 22 1:00pm
    There will be 10 test preparation companies to show their wares to students who are considering grad school after graduation.  These companies will provide products to help students prepare for their grad school test. (MCAT, LSAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT and GRE).  Students will have the opportunity to browse products, ask questions, and learn more »
  • PT Olympics
    October 22 4:30pm
    This is a private event for invitees only.  3 classes of graduate students and the faculty of the PT Department will be playing modified yard games and relay races. more »
  • CIGT Sppirit Week
    October 23 10:00am
    This is a week to promote CIT and CGT programs with an open house and spirit memoribilia. more »
  • Soundtrack of a Dean's Life: Tom Davis Appreciation
    October 23 4:30pm
    This is a time to celebrate Tom Davis, former Dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts at a celebration.  Alumni and current students, staff and faculty are all invited. more »
Wednesday, November 15, 2017