• IUPUI 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash!
    January 24 12:00pm
    On January 24, 1969, Indiana University, Purdue University, city, and state leaders officially created the IUPUI campus.  Celebrate IUPUI's official birthday with free food and cake, music, Stuff-a-Jag, 360º photo booth, 3-D virtual reality experience and MORE throughout the day. Explore the past, present and future of IUPUI at more »
  • Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (E/A) Concert w/ faculty guests!
    February 19 7:30pm
    You don't want to miss this concert!  E/A is joining with faculty guests Chris Kincaid, Jason Palamara and Chip Stapleton to being you a great evening.  more »
  • Guitarist Nemanja Ostojic
    February 21 7:30pm
    This concert is sponsored by the ISCG. http://nemanjaguitar.com more »
  • Graduate Health Programs Fair
    February 28 1:00pm
    More information to come! more »
  • Spring Break
    March 11 12:00am
    no classes. more »
Thursday, July 12, 2018