• Competition Pool
    November 19 5:30pm
    Lap Swim more »
    November 19 6:00pm
    This isn’t your average dance class. In CIZE LIVE, you’ll work up a sweat while learning fresh moves and edgy routines created by real dancers. Find the beat and get moving. Sign up at IMLeagues. more »
  • Chamber Ensemble
    November 19 7:30pm
    Come enjoy a relaxing concert! more »
  • Competition Pool
    November 20 5:30am
    Lap Swim more »
  • Indoor Cycling
    November 20 7:30am
    If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio burn, you’re in luck. In one hour, Coach by Color's indoor cycling will take you through a variety of sprints, hills, and interval training. This is the perfect class for any fitness level. Come early for a personalized bike fitting with your instructor, and don’t forget your water. more »
Friday, July 13, 2018