• Senator Young Mobile Office Hours
    February 21 11:00am
    This is a time for constituents can come talk with a staffer about any issues they have related to the federal government.  more »
  • Direct Admit Night
    February 23 5:00pm
    This event is for students who have been directly admitted to the Kelley School of Business but are not yet enrolled.  This is a chance to get questions answered. more »
  • CLd - Business Orientation Project
    February 24 9:00am
    For 11 weeks, local business leaders and educators, partnering with Kelley School of Business, take you where you need to go to realize your business career goals.  You will learn what happens in the business world and how to make sense out of business plans, hiring employees, communicating with bankers and lawyers, global competition, a more »
  • IU HCOP Saturday Senior Academy
    February 24 10:00am
    The Saturday Senior Academy participants will receive information about health careers that will halp them make future career choices.  They will participate in on-site and off-site visits.  IU HCOP mentors will be present at all times.  more »
  • Colts Cheerleader Master Workshop
    February 24 10:00am
    By invitation only, a cheermaster workshop to prepare candidates to cheer for the Colts. more »
Thursday, September 14, 2017