July 23 12:00am
    The competition lap pool for lap swim is closed. more »
  • IUPUI Summer Reading Program
    July 23 12:15pm
    IUPUI Summer Reading Program is hosted between the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement and the Institute of Reading Development.  Classes help studente become proficient in reading and reading comprehension.  It is for ages 5 to 18. more »
  • Competition Pool
    July 24 5:30am
    lap swim more »
  • Instructional Pool
    July 24 7:00am
    lap swim more »
  • Chinese Culture Summer Camp
    July 24 7:30am
    This program is for young Chinese language learners to better prepare them for taking on the task of another language.  The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis is one of the sponsors. more »
July 2017