• EEB Seminar Series - Scott MacDougall-Shackleton - "Control of Seasonal Phenotypic Plasticity in Songbirds"
    September 29 4:00pm
    Most organisms adjust their phenotype in response to predictable seasonal changes in their environment. Seasonally-breeding songbirds show a particularly high degree of such phenotypic plasticity, with intraspecific seasonal variation as great or greater than most interspecific variation. At the behavioural level, birds adjust social behaviour, more »
  • EEB Seminar Series - Gunter Wagner - Topic TBA
    October 27 4:00pm
    TBA more »
  • EEB Seminar Series - Sam Brown - Topic TBA
    November 17 4:00pm
    TBA more »
  • EEB Seminar Series - Clare Rittschof - Topic TBA
    December 01 4:00pm
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