• EEB Seminar Series: "Causes and consequences of behavioral plasticity in bees." Karen Kapheim, Ph.D. Utah State University
    January 19 4:00pm
    The great insect societies found among ants, bees, and wasps are exemplars of phenotypic plasticity, as multiple behavioral and morphological phenotypes (castes: queens, workers) develop from a shared genotype. This plasticity provides the substrate for some of the most sophisticated forms of cooperative behavior found among animals. Yet the rol more »
  • 2017-18 Neuroscience colloquium Series- "Intention signals in prefrontal cortex and compulsive drinking" Christopher Lapish, IUPUI School of Science
    January 22 4:00pm
    The prefrontal cortex is a brain region that plays a central role in controlling complex behaviors and decisions. Evidence suggests that prefrontal cortex function is altered in alcohol use disorders, however the specific computational processes that are negatively impacted by alcohol use remain to be determined. In this talk, I will explore how more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Title TBA." Karen Maruska, Ph.D. Louisiana State University
    February 02 4:00pm
    Topic TBA more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Title TBA." Idelle Cooper, Ph.D. James Madison University
    March 09 4:00pm
    Topic TBA more »
  • Joan Wood Lecture Series- Title TBA - Nancy A. Moran, University of Texas at Austin
    March 28 4:00pm
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