• Rave Mobile Safety Regional Usergroup Meeting
    August 20 8:00am
    Rave Mobile Safety Regional User group meeting is a vendor sponsored user group meeting for Universities, Colleges and Business' in Central Indiana who use Rave Mobile Safety's emergency communications software. more »
  • DEAP Bridge Block Party
    August 21 4:00pm
    Community Event for DEAP students attending Bridge.  They will be able to connect to DEAP staff and corrent IUPUI-DEAP students, including student leaders. more »
  • Ignite Your Superpower
    August 22 7:00am
    Ignite Your Superpower is for middle school female students that focuses on STEM programs and opportunities.  This includes sessions, information sharing, and hands on acativities. more »
  • Legacy of Hope
    August 22 5:30pm
    This is an invitation only event to steward donors to Transplant Surgery and to celebrate the installation of the Transplant legacy display. more »
  • Housing Move-In
    August 23 9:00am
    Students return to campus and move into their housing. more »
September 10 - 16, 2017