March 17 12:00am
    Closed more »
  • Central Indiana Severe Weather Symposium
    March 17 7:00am
    This is the Central Indiana Severe Weather Synposium being sponsored by IU Emergency Management & Continuity and the National Weather Service Indianapolis and the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.  This serves to educate weather enthusiasts across central Indiana regarding severe weather threats.   more »
  • Sunshine Week
    March 17 8:00am
    Sunshine Week is a celebration of Freedom of the Press. more »
  • Understanding Abusive Spiritual Systems and Relationships
    March 17 9:00am
    This event will bring together mental health professionals and other helping professions who currently work with those who have experienced spiritual abuse.  Spiritual abuse may be viewed as being situated within the broader umbrella of psychological abuse but is a unique and often unrecognized aspect of this broader phenomenon.  The s more »
  • CLd - Business Orientation Project
    March 17 9:00am
    For 11 weeks, local business leaders and educators, partnering with Kelley School of Business, take you where you need to go to realize your business career goals.  You will learn what happens in the business world and how to make sense out of business plans, hiring employees, communicating with bankers and lawyers, global competition, a more »
December 3 - 9, 2017