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HRMS/SIS 9.0 Upgrade Project

...A Collaborative Effort Among HRMS, SES and UITS Project Management

The purpose of the HRMS/SIS 9.0 Upgrade Project is to upgrade our PeopleSoft system from Student Administration version 8.0 to Campus Solutions version 9.0. This will include upgraded functionality for Human Resource Management including Employee Records Management, Benefits, Payroll, and Employee Self-Service. It will also include updated functionality for Student Records Administration, Academic Advising, Campus Community, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Financials, and Student Self-Service.  read more...

Project Management

Joint Executive Committee Meeting Documents - December 17, 2007

Upgrade Communications
Update on 9.0 HRMS/SIS Upgrade - 10/10/2007

HRMS Steering Team Committee Documents
HRMS Steering Comm Project Status 10-5-07
HRMS 9.0 Upgrade Steering Comm Functional Project Status 10-5-07

Project Management Documents
Benefits of Upgrading to CS 9.0
Joint Timelines & Milestones (6/12/07)
HRMS Development Guidelines (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\HRMS_8.9_Project_Guidelines.doc)
HRMS Project Approval Guidelines (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\HRMS Project Approval Guidelines.doc)
SIS Development Guidelines (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\SIS CS Upgrade Planning\Freeze Guidelines - SIS.doc)
HRMS 9.0 Upgrade - Peer Institutions (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\Peer Institutions - Both.xls)

Archived Documents
Archive of Project Management Documents

Oracle Documents
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Value Proposition (\\\groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\Campus Solutions 9.0\Campus Solutions 9_0 Release Value Proposition_Aug06.pdf)

Issues Tracking

Issues Submission: 
SIS - 9.0 Upgrade Issues Submission Webform 
SIS - 9.0 Upgrade Issues E-Mail Template

Issues Tracking & Management: 
SIS - 9.0 Issues Creation & Tracking Procedures (\\ads\uis\groups\hrmssis\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\HRMSsisJIRAProcedures.doc)
SIS - 9.0 Upgrade - Technical Jira Home

HR PeopleSoft Jira Home

Go Live!

High Level Upgrade Timeline
Cut Over Plan (Uploaded to Confluence)
Cut Over Plan on Bison (\\bl-uits-bison\as\esit\SIS Prod cut over plan\HRMS SIS CS 9.0 Upgrade Cutover Plan version 1-1.xls)Updates in Progress
Current Upgrade Information - coming soon
Special VPN for Release Testing Setup Instructions
Upgrade Events Planned

Some areas on this page are for project team members only and some files may require access to the project team file server.



Instance/Release Plan (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\CS Upgrade Infrastructure\PUF Release Instance Plan.xls)
Instance Descriptions (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\CS Upgrade Infrastructure\Instance Descriptions.xls)
CS 9.0 Release Notes - coming soon



IPS Upgrade Project Plan (\\\groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\CS Upgrade Infrastructure\Feb2008_timeline.xls)
Other CS 9.0 Upgrade Documents
Upgrade Environments (\\ads\uis\Groups\HRMSSIS\Campus Solutions 8.9_9.0\CS Upgrade Infrastructure\Technical Instance Plan.xls)
How to make "Download to Excel" work
Instance App Server Mapping - in progress
Systems Affected by 9.0 Upgrade Outage - in progress
Technical CS 9.0 Upgrade Details per Environment

Confluence "How-To's":
How to Edit Confluence Pages
How to Add/Edit Images, Links, Attachments, and Child Pages
How to Receive E-Mail Updates About Confluence Page Changes
How to "Archive" Documents in Confluence

PeopleSoft "How-To's":


Status of PS3TST - June 1, 2007

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HRMS/SIS DSS Upgrade Presentation

DSS 9.0 Upgrade FAQ (\\bl-ense-oesfile\ses\SES_External\Student_Information_System\PeopleSoft_9.0\DSS_Reporting\DSS 9.0 Upgrade FAQ.doc)