Before you submit...

  1. Ensure that you are the copyright owner. See Determining Copyright for more information.
    • For content published elsewhere, ensure that you have permissions to submit to an institutional repository.
  2. Review the IUScholarWorks Policies and License.
    • Note that items deposited into IUSW will not be removed except under extraordinary circumstances. Please see our Removal Policy for additional information.
  3. Consult Accessibility Resources at IU for guidance on document accessibility.
  4. Create an IUScholarWorks account.

Types of files that you should not self-submit to IUScholarWorks

Start the process here!

"I need permissions to submit to IUScholarWorks" - go to Accessing IUScholarWorks

"I'm submitting my own files" - go directly to the Adding Items to IUScholarWorks

"I'm submitting files on behalf of someone else" - go to "I'm submitting files on behalf of someone else"

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