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This is the home page for the OneStart Groups space.

Documentation for Web Application

Must have an OU to start. Contact to attain one.

  • Create ADS groups within OU
  • Edit members of groups within OU.
    • Computers
    • Users
    • Other Groups
  • Delete groups from OU

NOTE: You can only edit groups that are in this new OU. To reuse your current ADS groups, add them as members to your new groups. Your groups that exist outside of this OU can not be modified using this tool.

Using the web application:

Use the application by going to its URL.

Use directly within your application.

  • To OneStart Groups main page use the above URL and the following parameters.
    • returnUrl - url on how to get back to your application.
  • Create a new group.
    • Use the URL above and send the following parameters.
      • docFormKey - is a key, usually numeric, of where your form is in session. This way you can get your form out of session when the user returns to your applciation.
      • editGroupName - must be equal to nothing, but still present in the parameters.
      • returnUrl - see above
  • Edit a group.
    • Use the URL above and sent the following parameters.
      • editGroupName - name of the ads group that is in one of your OU's within the OneStart Groups application that you want to edit.
      • docFormKey - see above
      • returnUrl - see above
  • On return the OneStart Groups application will return with the URL that was given in the returnUrl with the following parameters.
    • methodToCall=refresh - generally this is the parameter when returning from lookups. (Only if docFormKey exists)
    • docFormKey=??? - the same docFormKey you sent into the application.
    • groupName=??? - name of your group (New groups only).
    • saved=success - if the group was created successfully (New groups only).
Example OneStart Groups Main Page
Example Create New
Example edit

Documentation for Web Service API

Coming soon...

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