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Service that allows users to view sites on a variety of web browsers and operating systems.

Microsoft Word
Various issues that arise from Word.

Computer Tips and Tricks
This is a compiled list of suggestions for you to optimize the Indiana University resources that are at your disposal.

Creating a Good Password
Use these guidelines to create a strong password for enhanced security for your e-mail, files, and computer system.

Password Protect your Windows screen saver
When you step away from your computer, it may become vulnerable. Follow these short and simple steps to protect your e-mail privacy, personal file security, and user account.

Remote Desktop (OS X)
Remote Desktop is a way to connect to your office workstation from your home.

Remote Desktop (Windows Vista and 7)

Remote Machines
Computers configured for testing and remote use.

Using the Video Conferencing Equipment
Helpful information when using the Polycom video conferencing equipment in Carmicheal 201.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection
Connecting to the IU Bloomington network, including ENGA Server access and Exchange e-mail, away from the office is made possible by connecting through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Technology Resource Guides
How to use the technology resources (Mac Mini, Projector, PolyCom, TV, Laptop, Breeze, Mouse, Keyboard)

Transfer Phone Calls
How to transfer a call on any IUB or IUPUI Phone

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