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  • ARCHIVE: Adding a New Spotlights Section NOT related to Undergraduate,Graduate, or Alumni
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Example: Career Services wanted us to make a spotlights page on their page but have it also go to the main spotlights page.

Go to about-spotlights

create a new folder  (new - WRAP_SDDU- BL-INFO-WEBS-SoIC Website- folder)

Name the folder (in this instance I named it Career Services) 

Folder settings should be set as: Available in Nav = No, Show in audience = No, Available in breadcrumbs = No

Edit the index page within this new folder example: Change the top of the page to say career services

Click submit

Publish on the test site for now

Creating a Feed

  1. Go into _feeds
  2. Find  a spotlights - xyz and copy it (I copied the Spotlights - Overseas
  3. Name this Spotlights - Career-Services
  4. Click submit

Go back into the about-spotlights-career-services-index

Now you will want to create a feed for this page.

Go into the Content box and Type in what you want this to be called (I typed in Career Services Alumni)

Below that, type out "Career services list" highlight it and click the styles box and find "inline-feed" this will turn the "Career Services list into a feed

No go down to the tab that says Feeds at the bottom of the page

Type should be spotlights

Block needs to lead out to the feed you just made in _feeds

Example: WRAP_SDDU/BL-INFO-WEBS/SoiC Website/_feeds/Spotlights-Career-Services

Click the submit button

I opened up another spotlights folder and copied over one of the student spotlights (example: I copied over Dolgov-Rachel)

Edit that spotlight to be what it needs to be for the Career Services spotlights (add new photo, change the content, etc)

Click submit

From here you can copy the new career services spotlight for the others you may have.

Now you want to go into the _internal folder then the xslt folder and find SOIC_Feed-Spotlights

Copy the last path that starts with <xsl:when test="../../path to </xls:when

Paste right below that and change the path to show the folder name you just made

Example: about/spotlights/overseas-study/')] change it to about/spotlights/career-services/')]


Now go to about/spotlights/index and edit

Your new spotlights feed needs to be added here

Decide where you want it to show up within the other spotlights on this page and add in the name (example: Career Services Alumni then below it type in career services and highlight it to do an inline-feed)

click on the feeds tab at the bottom of the page and add a feed

Type: spotlights

Block: _feeds/spotlights-career-services

Click submit

Since Career Services wanted this to show up in their navigation go:

career folder

create a new folder and name it spotlights

Open the folder and edit the index page

Display name: Spotlights

Insert an inline feed box (example: in the content Career Services Alumni, and then below that career services list highlight the second bit of writing and change it to an inline-feed)

Click the feeds tab at the bottom of the page

Type: Spotlights

Block: _feeds/spotlights-career-services

Click submit

NOTE: since this will be showing up in their navigation, be sure to arrange the folders in the order it should appear in the navigation

Go to the spotlights folder in about/spotlights

Publish the entire spotlights folder

Then go to the career folder and publish the entire career folder

Notes below were made before the above notes: 

I made a new spotlights folder for Overseas Education and put the index inside the About/Spotlights/Overseas-Study folder. Made the spotlight pages, and the containers but when you clicked on one of the overseas spotlights and clicked on "view more profiles" it took you to the main spotlights index which contains the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Alumni spotlights even though I had the inline feed set to go to the Overseas feed.

To fix this you have to do the following steps.

Go into  _internal folder then the xslt folder and find SOIC.Feed - Spotlights

In the code you will see

We copy and pasted the code lines from:

<xsl:when test="../../path[contains(text(),'/about/departments/computer-science-informatics/computer-science/')]">                  

<xsl:value-of select="''"/>                


and changed it around for the page we were working on

<xsl:when test="../../path[contains(text(),'/about/spotlights/overseas-study/')]">                  

<xsl:value-of select="'index.html'"/>                


Once we did this the feed worked like it was supposed to.

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