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Explore how iu does weather aler texts and if we can incorporate into gems admission  process





Funding admissions. Examine workflow for each stakeholder. 



carried over


Wireframe mockup 
Wireframe Software axure and balsamiq



carried over


Email exchange office account





gather types of reports commonly requested

all stakeholders









Meeting Agenda/Notes

GEMS – April 1, 2013


Todays Agenda:

1)  Stakeholder feedback: technical issues/challenges

2)  Creative discussion/brainstorm: Patty's idea regarding text options:

Applicants and current students can opt to receive texts from CS GSO.

Admissions Example:

Admitted Student - general

o   “Congratulations on being admitted to our program at the School of Informatics and Computing. Please check your email for details.”

Admitted PhD CS domestic student OR student residing in the US – PhD Outreach SAVE the date

o   “Congratulations on your recent admission. Our CS PhD event is on BLANK. Please save the date! More details to come via email. 

Current Students Example:

o   “Congratulations! Your Nomination of Candidacy has been approved.”

o   “Your annual GED results have been emailed.”

3) Prioritize next steps:  Funding or Academics? 

Admissions funding is decided as next priority

4) Update on development:

  • Print coversheet functionality
  • copy Items icon fixes
  • New - search result set: text now showing application status and faculty decision
  • New - access control/structured security for faculty: what should faculty see or do? Discussion
  • Admin interface link from homepage
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