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  • ARCHIVE: Agenda 2013-04-09 GEMS Action Items - In Progress
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Explore how iu does weather aler texts and if we can incorporate into gems admission  process


carried over



Funding admissions. Examine workflow for each stakeholder. 





Wireframe mockup 
Wireframe Software axure and balsamiq


carried over



Email exchange office account





gather types of reports commonly requested

all stakeholders

carried over




























Meeting Agenda/Notes

GEMS – April 9, 2013

  • Stakeholder feedback: technical Issues/challenges?
  •  Caleb - TOEFL/GRE score report generation for Shelly and Cheryl
    - Request for Erick to try out a 3rd party product for managing the university names list --
  • Intermediate solution to track Funding changes. Example: Student accepts Admit offer but declines funding
  • Ways to track multiple Advisors, schools and recommenders
  • Resolving multiple applications for same term and program. Scenario: when GSO member uses copy functionality and then  system creates a duplicate record(IU app No is different)
  •  Attaching a meaningful definition to GEMS metric date( Will help in updating GED / student life cycle)
  • Development Updates
  • Search interface overhaul
  • Search interface add on: Ability to search by name and Eapp Number
  • Project Outline document -- first draft for your review
  • Jira testing going on now -- you may see some emails during testing
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