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  • ARCHIVE: GEMS agenda - 2013-09-16 Action Items
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Action Items


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GED Course pull down – only populate with CS classes, not SLIS, INFO
Just need course number not section number
When you select course number and professor that uniquely identifies course 




Erick will send Melanie the fake AI student so she can test






There are duplicate “Formed Advisory Committee” options in the checklist - ‘Progress towards degree’




Melanie to identify fields that are required for validation purposesmelanie   
start testing of the student view the end of this weekeadiange   
Reconcile the Progress toward degree student submitted and internal docs - and alert for fields that do not match    
local address needs to be pre-populate with what bursars office has on file, and make them go to registrars office to change, can update nightly   


Informatics has a PhD student session this Friday (9/20), they would like to introduce students to the GED system. If it is not ready, can we have a wireframe or demo student (Student A, B)    

CS wants the GED system information  saved as a WORD doc first so they can modify (work in progress) save a draft - then out of that content - at the end they would like to generate a PDF, after GED, the WORD draft can be deleted


Meeting Agenda/Notes

Agenda - Finalize GED details for Student view

  • Students will be allowed to edit until deadline
  • Stakeholders were shown the proposed plan for the academic timeline for students. It will be available for next years GED season
  • CS wants launch of student tool October 1st - GED November 15
  • INFO needs student tool NOW - GED day is  November 1st
  • staff to tell students that they have until a deadline to submit their paperwork, if they submit after the deadline - no gaurantee it will show up for this years GED
  • In the future - allow student to upload/change their profile picture

Faculty View of GED

  • for faculty piece - view list of student who are their AI
  • AI information can be extracted from the funding piece - but there are concerns that data is not up to date
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