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  • ARCHIVE: GEMS agenda 2013-09-23 Action Items
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annualreportcs.aspx should auto-populate when student returns


Progress towards degree checkboxes should be mutually exclusive


Advisory committee chair should be a dropdown


Meeting Agenda

Agenda - Finalize GED details for Student view!


  1.  Teaching list should be a dropdown list of program relevant courses - use the title column from SOIC_Courses. Cascading dropdwon, when student picks course, next drop down populates with relevant instructors. They would like it live by October 1 = CS student tool release date.  First step is to allow student to select on Course_desc, and semester:  Course, Professor, Semester
  2. Drop down list for Advisory committee needs to be same drop down list as Professor
  3. under annualreportscs.aspx - SERVICE - have type be pull down, dept, school, university, professional, community.
    1. Date of service – needs to be a date range have text  "explanation that if the service date is current then put todays date"
  4. for the annualreport pdf, show fields even if they are empty, student name has disappeared?
  5. need to run the annual report against CS records regarding reports received in CS Office run comparison for inconsistencies send NAME only as an email alert tp Patty
  6. regarding automatic system grading - Melanie states not to worry about LOA of students, those will be calculated automatically
  7. need a log-out button/kill session - close window
  8. Melanie considering putting a computer in CS for students to use during GED.

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