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  • ARCHIVE: GEMS agenda 2013-10-07 Action Items
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Action Items


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Changes in GEMS meetings:

  • change gems meeting time to 11:30am
  • Donna to arrange a post GED assessment and strategy session, should include chairs

GED Student Tool

  • release CS GED tool asap / goal is to release for testing by 10/10 to CS staff for testing
  • for CS student tool PDF does not show page 1, starts at page 2
  • CS students will do a self evaluation

GED Faculty Tool

  • CS faculty will evaluate teaching, service, the docuement that Erick received from Melanie and Marty is the final faculty tool requirements.

GED day tool

  • have check boxes that GSO people use to generate automatic pdf
  • Patty has a letter with blocks for the student letter
  • once student letter is generated and stored, they need the ability to edit and attach a workflow > text document/working document / edit Patty >> to Melanie
  • Erick to sit with Melanie/Patty to determine GED Day workflow after student tool is released.
Previous/pending action items    

for the annualreport pdf, show fields even if they are empty, student name has disappeared?


need to run the annual report against CS records regarding reports received in CS Office run comparison for inconsistencies send NAME only as an email alert tp Patty


need a log-out button/kill session - close window for faculty tool

Patty to send blurb of text for CS instructionsDone   
redirect last years links to    

Meeting Agenda

  • Finalize details for Computer Science GED Student Tool
  • Gather final details/requirements for Faculty GED tool


  1. release to CS students ASAP
  2. all agree to a post GED assessment of the whole GEMS system. we need to think about who needs to be involved and when. 

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