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  • ARCHIVE: GEMS agenda 2013-10-21 Action Items
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Agenda - Finalize GED details for Student view!


  1. Options Marty
    1. return to last years tool
    2. go paper
    3. postpone GED day
    4. skip
  2. Options Melanie
    1. 2013 student eval folder (student pdf, eval) after folder is set up, let GSO staff faculty.
      1. GED 2013 -CS or INFO - 2 folders Student Eval and Faculty Eval
    2. Give out fillable pdf to students, faculty can see everything in directory
      1. students turn in pdf to GSO so that they do not need to have access to their folder
    3. 2013 faculty eval (faculty created pdf)
    4. Excel file - with all students
    5. GED Day - display all comments and an Excel spreadsheet with checklist.
  3. Skip launching GED Faculty tool - use last years GED Day tool - let faculty them see last years comments
  4. Melanie is okay with keeping the GED tool open for a few more days, 
    1. *******send her the names of the students who have submitted so far.  filename needs to be first name last name, year of semester –  2013F Smith-Tom
  5. Melanie will decide tomorrow whether to pull the plug on GED
  6. ****Ask Bob Flynn if IU BOX has been approved for critical student data
  7. Faculty does not want to see comments from last year. 
  8. Make a step by step instruction and get Melanies plan ready for INFO.
  9. Donna to contact UITS/Sharepoint 
    1. problem with last night/time stamp log
    2. does sharepoint have logs
    3. sharepoint files still locked
  10. kill all INFO access to GED tools
  11. Start with Lynne - faculty and GSO staff drop box, IT staff, and non-soic faculty
  12. Look up admit term in GEMS, Semester, lname, fname
  13. Caleb to write script that renames folders from GEMS to dropbox

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