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  • ARCHIVE: Video and Phone Conferencing Quick Start Guide
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There are various video and phone conferencing options available on the IU campus.  This document is not intended to be a replacement for the wealth of excellent documentation provide by UITS but, rather, provides a quick start guide for setting up a video or phone conference using one common method.  This should allow you to set up a conference call quickly and efficiently.

There are 3 steps to this process 1) The conference host creates a Virtual Room, 2) The conference host sets up a conference using that Virtual Room, and 3) all conference participants join the conference.  These steps are described below.

Step 1: [Conference Host] Create a Virtual Room

You must first create what is called a Virtual Room.  You can do this by browsing to and entering the following:

  • A conference room number.  The number starts with 23 and you then enter 4-7 arbitrary numbers.  A common convention is to use the last 5 numbers of your IU phone number.
  • A conference name.  This is just some arbitrary name you pick.  Note that this name can only contain alphanumeric characters (no spaces!)
  • A 4-10 digit pin you will use to set up the conference.
  • Optionally, if you want a co-owner (NOT participants!) for this Virtual Room, add them as Additional Hosts.  Users you add here will receive an email with your PIN so you do NOT want to add people who will simply be joining your videoconference here.
  • Optionally, check the box to play the doorbell tone when someone joins or leaves the virtual room
  • Click Create Room to create.  It will take approximately 2 minutes for the Virtual Room to be active and you will receive an email confirmation with this is complete.

Note that once you create a Virtual Room using these instructions, you can reuse it as often as you want.  You may want to create unique virtual rooms for different events but you can also create one virtual room that you reuse for multiple events.  In addition, anyone that has the 23nnnnn room number and the PIN can set up (aka. Host) a conference in that Virtual Room.

Step 2: [Conference Host] Set Up a Conference Call

Once you have your Virtual Room, you can then start up a conference call by going to (Chrome recommended, Firefox also supported) and doing the following:

  • Enter the 23nnnnn number for your virtual room (as selected in step 1a above)
  • Enter the name you want to appear for you in the conference
  • Click Connect,  If prompted, click 'Share Selected Devices' or 'Allow' to share your video camera and microphone.
  • When asked to select your role, click Host, enter your PIN (from step 1c above), and click Connect.  If prompted, again click 'Share Selected Devices' or 'Allow' to share your video camera and microphone the click Start.

At this point, your Virtual Room is up and running and ready for participants to connect.  See the next section for information on how people can connect and join in.  You will need to send the 23xxxxx virtual room number to all conference participants.

Step 3: [All Participants] Join the Conference Call

Once the conference host has set up the conference call, others can join in using various mechanisms:

  1. Web Browser - You can simply browse to (Chrome recommended, Firefox also supported) and connect as follows:
    1. Enter the room number (23nnnnn) provided by the conference host
    2. Enter their name you want to appear in the conference and click Connect.  If prompted, click 'Share Selected Devices' or 'Allow' to share your video camera and microphone.
    3. Select  the role of Guest and click Connect. If prompted, again click 'Share Selected Devices' or 'Allow' to share your video camera and microphone and then click Start.

  2. Phone - You can connect via any phone as follows:
    1. Call 812-856-7060 or 317-278-8080.
    2. When prompted, enter the 23nnnnn number from step 1a above followed by the # key

  3. Microsoft Lync (aka. Skype for Business) - If you are using Lync you can connect as follows:
    1. In the Lync search field, enter and search, where the 23nnnnn number is from step 1a above.  You should see the contact appear with the IU logo along with the meeting name
    2. Right click on the meeting name in the search results and then either select Call (for voice only call) or Start a Video Call (for videoconference).

  4. Mobile App - You can use the Pexip app from any iOS or Android device as follows:
    1. Install the Pexip app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    2. Start the app and in the settings enter your Name and set the Default Domain to  Registration is not required and no other settings are needed to connect to IU virtual rooms.
    3. In the 'Enter conference alias or URI' box, enter the 23nnnnn number from step 1a above and click join or connect
    4. If notified of an SSL Certificate Error, just click OK
    5. Select the role Guest and click Connect
    6. You may need to click on the video camera icon and accept the sharing of your camera and microphone.


This page is just a quick reference guide to try and get you up and running as quickly as possible.  For additional details, please see the following references: