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  • Save the xml file in WCM under doc/career/fair-xml

Example file name: career-fair-fall-2015



  • After adding the XML doc, go to _php/career-fair-lists

Copy one of the location.php files and one of the list.php files (one at a time of course)

Edit the copied php and change all of the xml info to the most current xml file name

Be sure to change any of the text from the past career fair to the most current career fair.



  • Now go to Career-students-find-job-internships-career-fair-2015 (for this example)

Copy one of the past -employers pages (example: copy spring-2015-employers change name to fall-2015-employers)

Edit this page

Click on feeds at the bottom of the page and change to the most current career fair list (example: career-fair-fa-15-list)

Publish (test page until you get all of the other information you need for the content of the page)


  • Do the same steps for the careers-students-find-job-internship-career-fair-2015, only copy a past -state page.

Change the feed to most current career fair list (example: career-fair-fa-15-location)

Submit and publish to test page


Send test links to whoever is over the career fairs and wait for their approval. Once approved publish live.

You will have to go in and edit certain pages within career services to update old links there for these lists.




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