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  • Computing Equipment Provided by SICE
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This page describes the computing equipment that will be provided by the school for the various groups of people (faculty, staff, students, etc).  This only includes what the school provides from general funds and system stock and not what can be purchased from additional accounts.  The listing is broken down by classification of users.

  • Lifecycle-Eligible Positions - Workstations or laptops are provided per the IT Policy: Faculty/Staff Computer Lifecycle for people with the following classifications:

    • Tenure-track faculty
    • Clinical Faculty
    • Lecturers
    • Full-time core SICE Staff
    • Visiting faculty and lecturers
    • Acting faculty and lecturers

  • Research and Other Non-Base Funded Positions - Equipment for these research funded positions will be provided by the associated centers, institutes, research group, or faculty member. In the event that no funding is available, a primary workstation may be provided, as for supported graduate students, on an as-available basis.

    • Research Scientists
    • Postdocs
    • Visiting Researchers and Scholars
    • Research Group Staff
    • Institute and Center Staff

  • Supported SICE Graduate Students (RAs, AIs, etc) - Workstations for supported graduate students are provided in assigned offices or cubicles at no cost to the student or supporting faculty member.  These systems will come from the pool of available systems that have come off of lifecycle deployments, on an as-available basis.  Commonly this includes the following:

    • A 3+ year old workstation installed with a current operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).  Note that you can make an OS preference in your request but we may or may not be able to meet a specific request depending on the hardware we have available.  For example, you may prefer a Mac but only Windows and Linux systems may be available.  We try to meet user preferences but that is not always possible.
    • A single monitor in the 22-24" size range.   If a workstation is not needed a monitor can still be provided for use with a personal laptop.  Cables to connect a laptop to the monitor will be provided if the particular cable needed is stocked.  Other cables may need to be purchased by the student.
    • If a 2nd monitor is desired, then that will be a smaller and older monitor and only if available (eg. 19-20").  If two larger monitors are needed, the 2nd monitor can be purchased from grant or faculty accounts.
    • Standard peripherals, including USB cables and wired keyboard and mouse from stock on-hand.

    Newer and more powerful systems as well as mobile devices (laptops, tablets, etc) and custom peripherals for graduate students can always be purchased but a funding source and account number must be provided by the sponsoring faculty member. 
    If you want to make a request for a workstation and/or an office or cubicle assignment, please submit your request via the SICE Service Desk.  You can expedite your request by having your sponsoring faculty member submit the request on your behalf.  If you submit the request yourself, please include your current status and the name of your sponsoring faculty member.

  • Supported SICE Undergraduate Students (RAs, UIs, etc) - In general, workstations and office/cubicle assignment for supported undergraduate students is handled as with supported graduate students so please see the previous section for details.  You are encouraged to have your sponsoring faculty member make your request via the SICE Service Desk for a workstation or office/cubicle on your behalf.

  • Part-Time/Hourly SICE Staff - In general, workstations and office/cubicle assignment for part-time/hourly staff is handled as with supported graduate students so please see the previous section for details.  You are encouraged to have your supervisor make your request via the SICE Service Desk for a workstation or office/cubicle on your behalf.

  • Unsupported SICE Graduate and Undergraduate Students - Unsupported students are typically not assigned office or cubicle space and dedicated workstations.  Exceptions might be granted with the sponsorship of a SICE faculty member so please have your sponsoring faculty member make the request via the SICE Service Desk.  However, there are IU Student Technology Centers (STCs) and SICE-managed shared lab spaces in the SICE facilities that are available to SICE students.  If you are unsure what facilities are available to you as a SICE student, please contact the SICE Service Desk.

  • REU Students, Camp Participants, and Other Non-IU Affiliates - Handled on a case-by-case basis. The sponsoring faculty or staff member should contact the SICE Service Desk well in advance of arrival to arrange appropriate resources.

Loaner Equipment

  • Equipment is loaned on a case-by-case basis for full-time faculty and staff. Full-time faculty or staff can sponsor a student request, the request must come from a full-time faculty or staff member. All  equipment is loaned for a maximum of 30 days and subject to availability.
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