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  • Consolidated Hosting Environment (CHE) Quick Start Guide
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The CHE environment is a Windows IIS web hosting platform supporting ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL.   This page is intended to be a quick guide to getting a site set up on CHE.


Restricted or Critical Data

Please note that CHE can be used to host Restricted or Critical data but you must indicate that on the form when you request your site.

The UITS Quick Start Guide

There isn't a lot of how-to documentation for CHE but you can start with the UITS CHE KB Page.  There is a really nice CHE administrative web interface that gives you lots of details about the system once you have a project set up.  Your best bet is just to go ahead and request the project (see below) and then use this admin interface for more details.  You will also be emailed more details when your site is created.

Step 0: Show Me the Money

CHE and Microsoft SQL accounts, including virtual domain hosting, are free for most SoIC uses but only with limited storage space.  If you exceed the 1GB file storage limit then you will have to pay the $1/GB/year recurring storage fee.  So, for example, if you wanted an additional 25GB of file storage and 25GB of additional Microsoft SQL database space, there would be a $50 annual charge and you must provide an account number for this on the request form.  If you are setting up an account that serves a school-sponsored function (ie. a class site) and want the school to fund it, please contact us via the SoIC Help Desk.  If you have another account number you want to use and you are authorized to use it, you can just provide that in the request form.  You can see the current billing charges on the Web Account Service Charges Page.

Step 1: Creating a CHE Project

The first step is to create your CHE project.  You can do that by logging into the CHE administrative web interface.  If this is your first CHE project, you will see the New Site Request form that you can fill out and submit.  If you have existing projects and want to create a new one, just click on the Request one HERE link at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Selecting a URL

By default, your site will be accessible via 3 separate URLs, one each for production, test, and development.  These URLs will be of the form:

  • Production:
  • Test:
  • Development:

In the above URLs, project will be substituted by the name you selected for your particular project.

It is also possible to host a virual domain (eg. and this can be done by TBD.

Step 3: Publishing to CHE

Your project area will be accessible via Windows shares and the paths to these can be found by logging into the CHE administrative web interface and clicking on the Shares tab.  You will have 3 separate shares for each project, one each for the production, test, and development sites.  Access to the project site is grated via IU usernames so you will be able to grant permissions to the files to other users, as needed.

Step 4: Microsoft SQL Database Access

As part of the project request process, you will be asked if you need access to a Microsoft SQL database.  If you do, just indicate that on the request form and it will be created for you.  You can see details about your database by logging into the CHE administrative web interface and clicking on the Databases tab.

Getting Help

Your best source of information about CHE is the CHE administrative web interface but if you need help you can use the contact form accessible from this admin page.   If you are affiliated with the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC) and would like help setting up your web site, please submit a request using the SoIC Help Desk.