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  • Electronic Communication Expense Reimbursement
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University employees required to use mobile devices for business purposes will obtain personal mobile plans and will be reimbursed by the University via additional pay, within the approved additional pay amounts ($50/$100/$150). This must be for a business purpose that cannot be accommodated with a landline phone, university Internet access, pager or other less expensive communication device. These guidelines outline SoIC’s specific requirements for these supplemental pay allowances. Nothing in these guidelines, including exceptions, can conflict with University Policy I-480 (

Business Purpose 

The employee must demonstrate a business purpose when requesting a supplemental pay allowance. Business purpose includes items such as, but not limited to:

  • Being in a functionally critical position where accessibility via phone or email during non-business or non-working hours is necessary;

  • Being in a functionally critical position where accessibility via phone or email during time away from the employees standard work location is necessary, particularly if that employee is in meetings away from the office or off-site a significant portion of the day;

  • Needing the ability to connect to Indiana University systems during non-business hours or away from the employees standard work location to perform IT maintenance or service.

Amounts for Supplemental Pay

Employees will be reimbursed for the estimated business use of their communication expenses.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cell phone voice plans (up to a maximum of 80% cap of the total cost)

  • Cell phone data plans, or

  • Laptop/iPad cellular data plans (generally only one data plan will be covered per employee)

  • Reasonable replacement cost of new communication equipment (every 24 months max)

The sum of these items must meet one of the IU reimbursement levels to qualify for that level of reimbursement.  For example, if the sum of the costs is $60, the employee will receive the $50 reimbursement level, if the sum is less than $50 then the employee will not receive a reimbursement.


  • Staff will be funded from the account from which they are paid.

  • Faculty may use their start-up accounts as a funding source.

  • Faculty Administrators (Dean, Chairs, and Associate Deans) will be reimbursed from the school account (10-487-50).  If the business purpose is a mix of administration and research, the expense should split with a research account.

Approvals and Annual Substantiation

All requests must be approved annually by the employee’s supervisor, the RC fiscal officer and the Dean.  All requests must be substantiated annually, by July 1, with a recent bill and a paragraph explaining the business purpose