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November 2011: The SoIC faculty are currently in the process of defining policies.  Watch this site for more policies in the future.

Motion Passed
School of Informatics and Computing-Bloomington
P.W. Purdom (Chair), M.M. Dalkilic, E. Haghverdi
February 11, 2010
Programs and Affiliations
This Bylaw establishes the programs and faculty affiliations across the School of Informatics and Computing - Bloomington , Indiana University, Bloomington as of February 11, 2010.
There are two programs, Computer Science (CS) and Informatics (INF). Membership is “grandfathered” (the existing memberships of faculty to programs as of February 11, 2010 is found in Appendix I.). Although emeriti faculty cannot vote, their affiliation is understood to be “grandfathered” and are listed for reference.
Each Program’s authority and responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the development of policies, requirements, courses, assignments of AIs, UIs, etc. and all aspects pertinent to the program’s successful mission.
Each program can add new members and should establish the rights of said new members. The new members, with said rights, will be made known to the School of Informatics and Computing-Bloomington.
This bylaw includes an Appendix listing historic program faculty affiliations.