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GEMS (SOICGEMS) is the School of Informatics and Computing's  Graduate Education Management System.

Gems is implemented using the UITS SharePoint service.

Before using GEMS, please configure your browser :

Some features of SharePoint (Datasheet view for example) use ActiveX controls and so are only available when using IE / Windows.
To enable full use of these features, you must configure IE to allow unsigned controls.

Test Scores in GEMS

GEMS attempts to store the highest score achieved for each test section, so the scores displayed may be from multiple test sessions. The Test Date displayed is the date of the most recent test session.

GRE Test Scores in GEMS

Verbal and Quantitative scores may be shown in either the old 200-800 scale or the new 130-170 scale, or both. Where both are present, the new score may be either from a later testing session, or estimated from the same test session as the old score. Where old and new scores from different test sessions are shown, the percentile rank will be from the more recent of the two scores shown (not necessarily the highest percentile achieved).

TOEFL Test Scores in GEMS

TOEFL scores may be from one of three test formats: Internet (IBT), Computer (CBT), or Paper (PBT). The formats use different scoring ranges and do not all contain the same test sections.

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