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Keep Teaching - for the most up-to-date resources for teaching online

Keep Learninginformation for students about the most commonly used technological tools in online courses

Keep Workingif you need to work from home, consider these technology issues

IU Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning is offering 1-on-1 support and drop-in sessions for instructors moving their courses online.

Video: Using Classroom Technology for Hybrid Instruction

Shortcuts to IU tools for teaching, collaborating, and sharing online:

  • The best tools for Communicating with students
  • Canvas- Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Skype for Business - faculty and staff Instant messaging, audio/video calls, share your desktop, share files
  • Zoom - for faculty, staff and students. High quality audio and video for web conferencing, collaboration, and recording
  • Kaltura - Where Zoom recordings are stored. Easy to use tools for editing videos.
  • Google@IU - Google at IU is a cloud based service that gives students, faculty, and staff access to Google applications

Need computer equipment at home during the pandemic?

Do not take your Luddy desktop system home without contacting IT first via Service Request - choose 'IU Property Loan Request' from the pull-down menu. 1) Desktop computers must be configured for home use or they will not work in your home. 2) IT is required to document the location of all IU owned assets. 3) When the computer is brought back to Luddy, it will need to be reconfigured by the IT group to reconnect to all the systems.

The best course of action if you need a system for home use is to submit a ticket, and let us work with you to find the best solution.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Most IU resources do not require using the VPN, including, but not limited to, Canvas, Zoom, Exchange, Box, IUanyWare, and Skype for Business. The VPN is required for remote desktop, departmental file server access, and various other university and campus services. If you need the VPN for a particular resource, connect as needed, and then disconnect once you've completed that work.

For more information about IU VPN check

Having Trouble with VPN? Report it by sending an email to  
If you have difficulty with the VPN, try using IUanyWare (doesn't require a VPN connection).

New to using Zoom@IU?  Don’t have a Zoom@IU account?

Go to in your web browser and log in. An account will automatically be set up for you. The following links contain helpful information from UITS regarding Zoom:

Logging into Zoom on your iOS/Android mobile Device:

  1. When you start Zoom on your phone or tablet the first time, you will be presented with a choice to “join meeting”, “sign in”, or “sign up” - You MUST choose “Sign In”
  2. You will be forwarded to a screen with a username/password box.  Leave them blank. Touch the box labeled “SSO” (Single Sign On), and you will be asked what your company’s domain is. Enter “iu” into this box. This will forward you to a CAS login page, identifiable by its IU colors. Enter your IU credentials.

Zoom FAQ:

Q: How many people can Zoom meetings support?
A: 300 (if you need to host more, submit a help ticket!)

Q: I saw something that says my meetings are limited to 40 minutes. Why?
A: You are logged in on a mobile device using a free “basic” account. Log out, and log in through CAS as directed above. You have an upgraded license with your IU credentials.

Q: If I Zoom from my phone, will I rack up data charges?
A: If you are connected to wifi during your Zoom session - No.   If you are NOT connected to wifi, yes you will incur data charges. 

Q: Is there an alternative to Zoom?
A: Skype for business:  and and Hangouts Meet (available until July) in Google at IU

Want to record your lecture on campus? Luddy rooms with Zoom: Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, & Collaborative Spaces

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