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If the only need is wireless access for a visitor while they are at IU then an account is not necessary.  You can use either the IU Guest or EduRoam wireless networks without an IU account.

As a member of the IU Faculty or Staff, you can sponsor accounts for your research collaborators.  This account will give your collaborator an IU ADS account (which can be used to authenticate when logging into the Luddy Linux or Windows systems and give access to the IU VPN and IU Secure wireless) as well as an IU email address.  There are two different ways you can sponsor an account, an Academic No-Pay appointment or an Affiliate account and the method you chose will depend on the situation:

  • Future Faculty/Staff/Student - If the collaborator will be joining IU in an official capacity (eg. future faculty or student) and requires access in advance of their start date, then you have to get an Academic No-Pay appointment.  Please note that we do not normally get such appointments for incoming students so this should only be done in unusual circumstances.
  • Past Faculty/Staff/Student - If the collaborator was previously at IU (such as ex-faculty or graduated student), then you have to get an Academic No-Pay appointment.
  • Non-Student Research Collaborators - If the collaborator is not a current student at another university, then you have to get an Academic No-Pay appointment.  However, see the Short-Term Projects option which may be appropriate in some cases which allows for an Affiliate account.
  • Visiting Student With No IU Affiliation - If the collaborator is a visiting student from another university who has never had IU accounts and is not expected to join IU in any official capacity, then you can request an Affiliate account.
  • Short-Term Projects (less than 1 semester) - In some cases, an Affiliate account may be appropriate for others involved in short-term (less than one semester) temporary projects.  See Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources and reference the section Persons affiliated with external entities collaborating with Indiana University item 5 for more information.

Please note that if the only requirement for the collaborator is access to the Luddy School Linux systems, you can apply for the Affiliate account as a collaboration for a Short-term project as noted above.  Once the IU username is approved and created, we can keep the Linux account active beyond the expiration of the IU account.  However, once the IU account expires the collaborator will lose access to all other IU services, including email, so this is only a viable option if the only thing needed is a Luddy Linux account.

The procedure for obtaining either Academic No-Pay or Affiliate accounts is described in the following sections.

Academic No-Pay Appointments

Academic No-Pay appointments are handled by the Human Resources (HR) representative for your unit who can be reached by emailing  If the person is already in the IU system from a previous appointment or was previously faculty/staff/student then the only information needed is the name, IU username, and the current physical work location (city, state, country).  If the person has never had an IU appointment then they will need to complete the Personal Profile Form (ED) available from the IU HR Personal Profile Form page and submit it to the appropriate HR representative for the unit.

Affiliate Accounts

Note that Affiliate Accounts for research collaborators are typically only allowed for short term (less than one semester) duration and cannot be renewed.  If you need the official IU account for longer than one semester then you will probably have to go with the Academic No-Pay appointment.  However, if you only need a local Luddy School Linux account beyond one semester, go ahead and get the Affiliate account for one semester and then we can keep the Linux account active beyond that once the account is in the IU system.  However, if you need access to other IU services (including the IU VPN or email) then that will go away after the initial one semester so an Academic No-Pay appointment will still be required.

The Affiliate account creation process is described below but there are additional details available in the UITS KB page About sponsoring a computing account for an IU affiliate.

Before you can request an affiliate account, you will need to know the following information:

  • Full name (first, middle, and last)
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Once you have this information, you can request an IU Affiliate account as follows:

  1. Go to the Affiliate Accounts and start the application.
  2. Click manage affiliates, and then click request to add IU affiliate.
  3. You will then just need to fill out the form with the required information.   Here are some notes about the requested information:
    1. University ID - You can leave this blank.
    2. Campus Address - You can just enter your campus address (eg. Luddy Hall 1103)
    3. Affiliation with IU - If this person is collaborating with you but is not being paid, we recommend that you use Non-paid Research Associate
    4. Date this Affiliation with IU begins - Enter either today's date or some future date the affiliation will begin.  Do not enter a date prior to the date you are filling out the form.
    5. Date this Affiliation with IU expires - Affiliate accounts for research collaboration are generally only approved for 1 semester or less so you will need to list an expiration date less than 1 semester in the future.
    6. Reason for affiliation with IU - The account can be rejected by UITS if the reason does not meet their requirements per Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources.  However, below is an example of a reason for the affiliation that we have had success with:

      Short-term temporary collaboration on [brief project information here].  Access to grant-purchased systems is needed and requires authentication against IU ADS servers.

  4. Once you have filled in this form, just click Request Affiliate.  

I most cases, affiliate accounts are approved or rejected within a day and you may be asked to provide written certification from a department chair or dean. Once approved, your affiliate will receive information on how they can then create their IU account.

If your request is denied by UITS for any reason, then you will need to go with the  Academic No-Pay appointment described above.

If you have any problems or questions about this, please contact the Luddy Help Desk.

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