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  • Luddy Staff Salary Offer Policy
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The policy is effective immediately, February 19, 2019.

Policy Statement

All salary discussions and offer letters must be in compliance with established IU and Luddy processes. This includes no discussion of salary with candidates/employees until written authority is received from the Senior Executive Associate Dean (Sr. EAD).


This policy covers all HR actions that can lead to salary discussions and adjustments, including, but not limited to:

  • New hires
  • Promotions
  • Reclassifications
  • In-range salary adjustments
  • HLR - higher level responsibility adjustments
  • Position/Title updates
  • Interim position salary supplements/adjustments


  1. When Luddy HR receives permission to post a position from the Sr. EAD they will work with the supervisor to set up a search committee and will remind the supervisor of the need to carefully follow all hiring policies and will offer assistance and/or training to support the process.
  2. The HR team will work with the supervisor, the Sr. EAD, and IU HR to determine a salary range to include in the position posting request. This request will route to the campus finance office for review and approval prior to posting. PLEASE NOTE: This range is not posted publicly and must not be discussed with candidates/employees.
  3. During the search, screen, and interview process, salary will not be discussed. If a candidate enquires about salary, you may refer them to the IU HR website that lists market ranges for IU positions.
  4. Once a final candidate has been selected, and thorough reference checking is complete, the supervisor will work with the HR team and the Sr. EAD to determine a salary amount.
  5. The Sr. EAD will contact the campus finance office to seek approval for the salary amount.
  6. After Luddy HR receives written approval of the offer from both the Sr. EAD and the campus finance office then Luddy HR will prepare an offer letter that will be forwarded to the Sr. EAD for final review, before sending to the supervisor to share with the candidate/employee.
  7. If the candidate/employee does not accept the offer then steps 5 and 6 must be repeated.

Premature salary discussions/offers

All Luddy employees should carefully follow the process outlined above to avoid premature salary discussions/offers. Should a salary be accidentally discussed prematurely, whether verbal or written, it is very important to notify Luddy HR and the Sr. EAD immediately so they can work with the campus finance office and IU HR to review the legal implications of the premature offer and create a plan to resolve the issue.


It is the responsibility of the supervisor/search committee chair to follow this policy during the hiring process and to seek assistance/guidance on anything they are unsure of. It is the responsibility of the Luddy HR team to support and assist the supervisor.

Last reviewed/updated June 25, 2020
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