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Welcome to the Luddy School of Informatics and Computing!  It is easy to get overwhelmed when coming into a new environment, with the goal of easing the on-boarding process, summarized below are some key resources that will be of assistance. The school is fortunate to have staff with years of experience to assist you. 

Things to do

Get started with IT at IU

Create a profile on our Luddy website:

  1. We would like to add you to our Luddy website people directory found here:
  2. To create a web profile, follow this link and the directions under ‘Adding a New Profile Page 
  3. You can either upload a favorite photo, or our staff photographer is happy to take your picture for the website. Once you complete the information, a staff member will contact you when your profile is online.

Explore Luddy Knowledge Base (KB)

Things to know

Your role in data stewardship

  1. All at IU must be vigilant guardians of data security.  Learn how IU classifies data
  2. Learn how to store and share IU data - explore IU’s Data Sharing and Handling Tool  Select a data domain from the pull-down and the tool will guide you to the best practice for storing and sending data.
  3. Be aware of phishing scams  

One.IU - a portal for everything

  • One.IU is the access portal to most IU services like payroll, benefits, and classified ads:   sign-in and start searching for more information!