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All overtime eligible staff (support staff and professional non-exempt staff).

Policy Statement

Luddy personnel will follow the procedures below to comply with overtime laws and policies.

Reason for the Policy

To ensure compliance with FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and to document Luddy’s position on payment of overtime.


  1. Supervisors and employees should follow the UHRS overtime policy
  2. Employees must seek prior approval from their supervisor for working overtime.
    1. Employees consistently requesting to work overtime can be a sign of overload and/or bad workflow management.  The supervisor should, where possible, try to address the cause of the overload and correct it.
    2. As a general rule, overtime will be compensated as compensatory (comp) time.
      1. Supervisors may seek approval from the Sr. Director of Administration and Finance to have overtime paid, instead of comp time.
      2. Reasons for considering the payment of overtime include, but are not limited to:

                                              i.     The employee has reached 40 hours of comp time.

                                             ii.     Financial hardship of the employee.  An example could be the employee has to pay for child care to be at work for the extra work time.

                                            iii.     Whether the supervisor has budgetary funds available to cover the overtime.

  1. Normally the payment of overtime will be limited to an agreed upon number of hours per week.
  2. Employees receiving overtime payments should not count on these funds as part of their overall, long term, pay package.  Payment of overtime is normally for short periods of time, and is based on funds being available.

Responsible Parties

FLSA mandates that employees are paid for all time worked.  Employees must record all time worked.  Supervisors are responsible for checking time is recorded accurately and completely.  Failure to report all time worked can leave IU at risk of FLSA fines and liable for payment of all unreported hours worked.


FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal law governing overtime.