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  • Policy for Faculty Involvement in Staff Hiring
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Faculty should always have the option of being involved in new staff hires; therefore, this policy covers all staff positions. 

Policy Statement

Faculty should be consulted at two key stages in the hiring process. 

  1. Faculty should review and approve the hiring committee members for a new staff position to ensure affected faculty constituents are represented on the hiring committee.  Faculty on the hiring committee will participate fully in the search process.
  2. Faculty supervisors should review and approve the candidate to whom an offer is to be made.

Reason for the Policy

This policy is being created to ensure proper faculty involvement when hiring new staff members.


  1. The Director of HR and Executive Associate Dean will work with the faculty designees to review and approve the hiring committee, and to select an appropriate faculty member or members.    Normally faculty will be included on all committees, but with approval of the EAD, the faculty designees may waive faculty participation.
  2. All offers should be pre-approved by the Director of HR and the relevant faculty supervisor (dean, associate dean or chair).
  3. Once approval is received the supervisor can make an official offer.

Responsible Parties

The position supervisor is responsible for ensuring this policy is followed.


  • Faculty Designees
    • Undergraduate Services – Undergraduate program directors
    • Graduate Services – Graduate program directors
    • IT – Chairs
    • Facilities – Chairs
    • Web/Communications – Chairs
    • Business Office – Chairs
    • Admin Services – Faculty being supported by the position
    • Development - Chairs
    • Diversity – Chairs and relevant program directors