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  • Presentation Processing from the HXRNX30U
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OSX Import Video

Plug in camera via usb

Press 'USB Connect' on the touch screen

Files in Finder > No Name >

double click AVCHD

Select your video

Opens in Quicktime

File > Save


Windows Import Video

Plug in camera via usb

Press 'USB Connect' on the touch screen


First Time Use:

You will need NXCAM Content Management Utility

You must register a folder to view (2nd button form left, looks like a folder with an arrow to a film strip) "Register Folders to View"

Pick a folder, I like Desktop


To import a video

Open NXCAM Content Management Utility

Left Icon,  "Import Media Files"

Select HXR-NX30U in the left pane

Select your video




Adobe Media Encoder

AME is available on IU Anywhere for Win/OSX

Drag Movie file into AME Left pane (You may need to do File >Add Source on IU Anywhere)

Drag preset from right pane onto movie file

Green Play button 'start queue' Top right of left pane


System Presets > Web Video > YouTube 

Intended Purpose

AME Preset


Highest quality for High-def TV

YouTube 1080p 29.97fps

Huge filesize

Youtube HD

YouTube 720p 29.97fps

YTs best practice for HD videos

Box.IU for internal distribution

YouTube SD 360p Widescreen 29.97

Easy to move, fine details (facial expressions, slides) are lost


System Presets > Audio Only > MP3 192kbps High Quality


Saving the files

Please use the following naming convention


We are working on an IU Box account to store the videos for transfer

Choose the appropriate directory: Colloquia, Job talks, Courses

Make the permissions readable only by the speaker and who requested the video.

After the video is in IU Box

Inform the requeser and the presenter of its url

Remind them tha after 30 days we will move the video to offline storage

We do not intend to keep the original video source






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